Why would you light a candle?

"I light a candle because I always receive an answer to my prayer(s) and it helps people like myself get through hard times although at times it's not always how you expect the answer(s) to your prayer(s) to be but must try accept it."

Alex, United States

In addition to lighting the dark, burning a candle is above all a sacred ritual. Many people around the world light a candle for a prayer, a wish and for love. When meditating the light of a candle gives protection, wisdom and spiritual insight. Lighting a candle is intended to express more than words can say.

"Lighting a candle helps me through my day. It is in fact my saving grace."

Catherine, United Kingdom

"Saying my prayers while lighting a candle brings comfort to my soul and it helps me through trying times."

Andrea, United States

"I light a candle for love, wisdom and strength."

Sebastiaan, The Netherlands