How do you light a (virtual) candle?

Take these steps to light a (virtual) candle:
1. Take a moment of inner thoughts

Lighting a candle and making a prayer or wish works best when taking a moment of inner thoughts. Find a place were you can find some peace and comfort.

2. Consciously breathe in and out

Take a deep breath. Feel the flow of loving and healing air flow into your lungs and body. Feel negative emotions and thoughts pouring out of your body every time you exhale. Repeat this process until you feel comfortable.

3. Give the candle a purpose

Think about the candle. Think about the purpose you want to give the candle. If you come up with a sentence to express this purpose, what will the sentence be? To give the candle more power, make the sentence so that what you pray or wish for has already been realized. Finetune it until you are satisfied.

4. Light the Candle

Go to the Light a Candle page and fill in the form. Before pressing the send button, close your eyes and think about your sentence. Fulfill your sentence with your love.

5. Share your candle

If you wish you can share your candle with others to share your moment of reflection.