butterfly_2 unlit candle

A candle for Bringing a place for Stevie and I

Dearest Lord and Lady i ask that you make a way for Stevie and I to have a place of our own. i ask this of my mother and father. i am a child of God and Goddess. all my needs are met. our place will be above all safe and affordable. a place for both of us to have our hobbies. a place we feel suits us best. a place we will not have to move from again. i am also asking for help with moving. financial and physical. thank You both for all You bring into my life.
Christianity unlit candle

A candle for Myla

For good health and blessed life…
Gerbera unlit candle

A candle for SantÍsima Muerte

Mi niña tu velita de hoy viernes 19 de abril, Mi NiÑa Por Ayudame, Por Favor Permiteme Saber O Entender O Darme De Cuenta De Si Mi Matrimonio Ya Se Acabo, Si Ya No Hay Nada Que Hacer, Si Mi Esposo Ya No Siente Nada Por Mi, Mas Que Compromiso Y Quiza Lastima De Que No Tengo Donde Ir, Te Lo Ruego Con Mi Corazon, Por Favor Ayudame A Saberlo Con Certeza De Alguna Forma. Y Con Lo Otro Que Te Habia Pedido, Que Yo Se Que No Puede Ser, Solo Quisiera La IlusiÓn De Saber Igual Con Certeza Que Hay Un Interes, Solo Quiero Sentir Una Ilusion, Una Razon Para Sentirme Feliz. gracias, En Ti Creo Y En Ti Confio.
Love unlit candle

A candle for Roxynknak

Kincsem, Kicsi Roxym, tizenkilencediken ejjel egy ora 15-perckor lesz tizen kilenc eve, hogy a sors kegyetlensege elvett tolunk. A mai napig fajdalommal gondolok arra a kegyetlen ejszakara, az elvestesed okozta seb soha nem gyogyul be."when someone special dies, a part of you dies with them…you're not the same person anymore.❤️" Nagyon szeretlek Kincsem, anig elek te is itt elsz a szivemben. Soha el nem mulo szeretettel.
Spiritualism unlit candle

A candle for SantÍsima Muerte

Mi niña, tu velita de hoy jueves 18 de abril, con todo mi cariño y mi agradecimiento como siempre y pues deseando que ojala se pudiera lo de Jl, aunque creo que es muy dificil, no para tu gran poder mi niña, pero si por mi. Pero En Ti Creo Y En Ti Confio.
butterfly_2 unlit candle

A candle for SantÍsima Muerte

Mi niña tu velita de hoy miércoles 17 de abril. Gracias Por Estar Conmigo, En Ti Creo Y En Ti Confio.
Love unlit candle

A candle for Travis Michael Wooley

We love each other we need to let go of the past and start new and fresh no lies,no games, just be good to one another and be happy.
Love unlit candle

A candle for Robin Lēverne

like Jacob, I shall submit my prayer until my prayers are answered & I am blessed! I ask that Dear God, Yhwy answers my prayers and for my Helpmeet, our Families and I, to always have God's love, favor, mercy, gifts, riches, anointings, good health, a house, wisdom without sorrow and grace abound toward us that these, joy, & peace seek, find, pursue overcome & overtake us that there will mit be enoufh room to contain them! We give God honor, praise and thanks for all God's done for us and that we grow stronger in our love for each other and for God! Thank God that we're brought together to be each other's True Love, Soulmate, Suitable Companion, Helper & Help meet and for a thousand times increase, blessings and golden shalom life! If we have aught against any one we forgive them, as we also ask for forgiveness of our sins! We love Father God and we look to God to guide and protect us, our family, friends and pets from all hurt, harm and danger, seen and unseen in each and every area and aspect of our lives each day, and make our decisions good and true. I pray that God watches over us daily and enable us to do our best; minds sharp, bodies healthy, souls at ease, spirits at peace & calm, suitable Godsent companions, and show us and our families "The Way!" That I receive my Mva License, see and hear from André, & I weigh 145 lbs. By June, my body healed, renewed, restored, rejuvenated as the youth of eagles with the beauty of the Lord; no eye bags, pains, spasms, aches, ibs issues, excess weight, fat or fluids! May we and you receive the blessing of Numbers 6:24-26! i am very much in the word, I am 70, alone, no house yet of my own…not much of anyone's testimony applies to me! Honestly! Respectfully, I am at the end nearly of no peace! Its why I ask you to pray these things with and for me! Today is a not so happy day, maybe tomorrow will be better! sincerely, god bless you!🕊.
butterfly_2 unlit candle

A candle for Tina

Rest in peace.
unlit candle

A candle for SantÍsima Muerte

Mi niña, tu velita de hoy lunes 15 de abril, solo para Agradecerte Por Tener Tus Bendiciones, Por Tu Presencia En Mi Vida. En Ti Creo Y En Ti Confio.
Rose unlit candle

A candle for Sierra Sabrina Diana & Savannah

Sierra Sabrina Diana & Savannah Mon. 4/15/24 Mom here, Miss Love you & Family, Hope e you are resting , healing .we Miss you may not be at C.c. later not feeling well today. Never forget you my Angels. Love Mom.
maria_magdalene unlit candle

A candle for Peace and tranquility.

For Easter Monday.