Guided meditation the Muladhara

This is a guided meditation focused on the Muladhara. With this meditation you will make a strong grounding with Mother Earth. You can read the text before the meditation or follow the meditation in a group. One of the participants then reads the text aloud. Take time for the meditation. Go to the next line of text when you are ready for it or think the group is ready.

Before the meditation

Find a quiet place where you can meditate. That can be at home, but also outside in nature.

If you meditate at home, you can light a candle and/or put on some nice calm background music.

When you are ready for the meditation, sit comfortably in a position that you can sustain for some time.

Look at the space around you where you sit. Experience it. Did you light a candle or incense? Or do you see a beautiful tree in front of you? Then take a look at it. Enjoy this moment.

Bence Balla-Schottner

The Muladhara

You feel your body making contact with the ground.

Your legs touch the ground and also part of your feet.

Your body is getting heavier. This increases the contact with the ground.

You see yourself sitting in the place where you are now.

You look under this place and see Mother Earth appear, the planet that you and we are all connected to.

Experience how big the earth is. You see the seas, deserts, forests and mountains. It's beautiful.

You are attracted to some mountains with white tops of snow. You are going there.

Below you see beautiful trees appearing under the snow line. First a few. There will be more soon.

There is a nice stream over there. Birds fly to it to drink it's water.

One of the birds beckons you to come along to the stream. You go along and when you arrive at the stream you see the water flowing gently down.

You take some water in your hands and drink it. You bring your hands to your mouth and feel the wonderfully cool water flow down your throat and fill your body with the serenity of the water.

After you have taken some water you get up quietly and enjoy the play of the animals around you. The birds. The fish. The horses in the distance.

You feel the sun shining on you. She warms you and gives you loving and positive energy.

Your eye falls on a sunbeam that shine powerfully om a place a little further. It is a beautiful place with grass and flowers. It grabs your attention.

You find a spot in the grass and sit down. You feel one with nature here. The sunlight warms your body and your spirit.

You look at the flowers around you and notice that the flowers are slowly changing color. One flower becomes a bit pink, another slightly red. You will see them all change to red in there own flow of time.

A large color palette of red is emerging around you. You admire this beautiful event and feel a connection with this place. You feel at ease here.

A red energy field is created at your tailbone. The field is part of you and is your Muladhara. Your Muladhara opens slowly but confidently like a red flower.

There are red energy streams coming out of your Muladhara. They connect with the flowers around you. All become part of each-other and are connected to you.

A few red energy streams go to the stream. You see them going through the water and back to your Muladhara. They bring you serene water.

When the water has arrived at your Muladhara, use this water to completely clean your Muladhara. All the places in your Muladhara that you feel need to be cleaned, you cleanse with this loving and clear serene water. That's easy to do. You let the water flow over and through those spots and the water does the rest.

The energy flows are now entering the earth. They take the water and give it back to Mother Earth.

The energy flows now become one with the beautiful mountain you are sitting on. You can see that the streams of energy flows firmly anchor themselves in the mountain.

Because of this anchoring you will feel the enormous stability of the mountain in your Muladhara.

The red light from your Muladhara connects with the rest of your body. Red streams of energy go from your Muladhara to your legs, your feet and your toes. Currents also arise to your lower abdomen, your lower back, the rest of your abdomen, to your heart, your upper back, your shoulders, your chest and arms, hands and vingers, the back of your head, your mouth, your nose, your eyes, your third eye above your eyebrows and to your crown.

The flow does not stop but flows smoothly through your body back to your Muladhara. Through all those areas where you were just now. It is a great flow of powerful red Muladhara grounding.

And because of that flow your whole body is now connected to the mountain you are sitting on.

You look at yourself sitting there in that red light on that beautiful place. The mountain is deeply connected with your powerful Muladhara energy flows.

You see that the mountain is part of planet Earth. And as you watch that, the entire Earth becomes part of your powerful grounding. You enjoy this moment.

As you look again, even the Moon appears.

She is big and shines a bright white light.

You see that the moon is connected to Mother Earth with white energy flows.

And while you look at that, you see that these currents are also connected to our Sun.

It is one great triangle connection of loving and powerful energy between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

You feel that you are part of this connection. A connection that gives you grounding, strength, love and wisdom.

Wisdom of all knowledge is stored in this connection.

You feel that all these beautiful qualities of grounding, strength, love and wisdom become one with your body, mind and soul.

After sitting in this beautiful place for a while and being in touch with Mother Earth, the Moon and the Sun, it is time to say goodbye to this beautiful and special place.

But before we do, this place is always here for you from now on. You have now experienced this place so intensely that if you want a powerful grounding, all you need to do is think of this place. Because when you are here, your grounding arises immediately. Your Muladhara is then cleansed by the serene water from the stream and you make a powerful and loving Muladhara connection with Mother Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

You now say goodbye to this place and thank the nature, the flowers and animals, the stream, the mountain, Mother Earth, the Moon and the Sun for the love they have given you and being here for you when you need them.

Back to here

Move your toes slowly.

Move your fingers.

Ten up the muscles in your legs.

Stretch your back and arms and breathe in and out deeply.

Open your eyes and be back in the here and now again.

Thank you for following this Muladhara meditation. How did you experience it? Let us know at and share your thoughts with others.

Meditation written by Sebastiaan Witteveen. Version 1.12

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