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John Schnobrich

What are your 6 life goals?

A question you should definitely ask yourself. By answering that question, you can make the right decisions for the rest of your life. And thus be happier in your life. For example, when applying for a job. Does the company goals align with mine? The more they fit, the happier you will be with fulfilling your tasks.

Your life goals are about what you want to achieve. At the same time, it's okay that you haven't reached them yet. When you write down and improve your life goals, you have started to change yourself. You become more self-conscious and make other choices that suit you better. The smile on your face will be your confirmation.

At 247Candle you can think about and write down your 6 life goals. You can also add personal notes. For example for feedback you have received that can help you work on your goals. Or moments of success that you experienced and do not want to forget. You decide if you share your Life Goals on your personal page so others can read them.

An example: Life Goals of Sebastiaan

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