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A candle for Father Fang Shou Bai

Dear Baba, nov. 1 is your birthday & I want to let you know that I love you forever!!! I deeply appreciate you for taking care of me especially when I was sick & helpless. I've been very successful in Usa as you dreamed, you should feel very happy in heaven. Now, I've retired to restore my health & I feel helpless, no one can help me nearby, in my dream life, I want to have my own family to make me feel secure, I hope it's my unique path & I feel difficulty to meet the man who can help me. Father, please tell me what I should do to establish a happy & healthy family for my own? love you forever & May you be blessed in heaven with joy, good health, stress free, your daughter Lun Lun.
Lun Fang, Canada, 1 month ago
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