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Thank you for your interest with helping translating! It will probably take about 15 to 30 minutes of your spare time. Below, first you find a few questions about you, the human verification to prevent spam and what language you will be translating to. After that, the translation starts.

Below you find all texts used at There's an input field after each word, line, or paragraph where you can type your translation. Please translate the word, line, or paragraph exactly.

If you only want to repair a translation error, press the link 'Repair translation error' below (fills all fields with a dash), then find the text to repair and type your correction.

Repair translation error
Here the translation has ended.

I like to dedicate a page with all the names of people that have helped Only your name and country will be displayed. If you wish you can use the field below to type your Facebook URL (or other social media website) to make your name a link to your personal page (available for the public). If you do not want to have your name on the dedicated page, please write it below and your name will not be shown.

Thank you for your spare time and help. It is much appreciated! With your help people worldwide have the opportunity to light a candle online for love, peace, health and other wishes or prayers. Sebastiaan